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Custom development

From concept to great learning

No matter what learning solution you’re looking for, we have got you covered

Your organization has its own unique requirements and structure. Our custom-built e-learning, microlearning, blended learning and workshops maximise relevance, engagement and efficiency.

No two organizations are the same so why should your training program be? ”

We work with you to create great learning programs. We develop materials that cover many modes of learning and present it in a way that is effective for your employees, often faster and more cost-effective than traditional e-learning vendors

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Custom e-learning

Looking for bespoke training that is developed by the best learning specialists? We speak your language.

Contemporary design

Nothing updates an existing year-on-year training program like a fresh look and feel. Our designs pivot on strong imagery that is carefully selected by our instructional designers.


Visually appealing

Form follows function. Always. Our designs are meticulously created to enhance learners’ ability to read and understand the training.



Our designs are interactive. We engage learners by using clickable elements and a range of other rich visual objects to draw their attention to key points of the training.



We brand course material according to your guidelines and we will consult with you on artistic direction.



Learning is better retained when it is relevant and relatable. We strongly believe that the inclusion of targeted scenarios and learning checks brings the training to life.



Ongoing, short learning iterations are a crucial part of any campaign-based learning approach. Reinforce the long-term training curriculum and deal with ad-hoc training needs on the fly.

Workshops and webinars

From board training to ad-hoc blended learning, we will help you develop and deliver the most appropriate programs.

Our most popular workshops are:

  • anti-money laundering
  • financial crime and fraud
  • responsible managers

But we deliver many more topics across a vast range of compliance, conduct risk and ethics topics.

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Blended training

Everyone learns in different ways, so combining e-learning and facilitated training makes sense

Best practice sees employees undertake the online learning as a pre-requisite to cover common laws, regulations and policies. The instructor-led training follows by re-enforcing the concepts through tailored, focused workshops that personalise the material and leverage practical day-to-day situations and challenges that learners may encounter.

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