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Complaints Handling

Course description

Financial institutions are required to have an internal complaints handling process that meets ASIC's standards.

Complaints processes need to be visible, accessible, responsive, objective, free of charge, confidential, focused on the customer, and committed to by senior management and the Board. Failure to manage complaints properly exposes the business to considerable financial and reputational risk.

This training prepares customer-facing and support staff to carry out their functions when confronted by a customer complaint. It encourages them to take ownership and resolve complaints at the first instance if possible, and to follow appropriate processes to escalate complaints where necessary.

The training is practical: it equips staff to understand how to take a customer-focused approach while still protecting the legitimate interests of the business.

Formative questions throughout the training help the leaner check their understanding of the main points of the material.

Course outline

1.                  Why your organisation has a structured complaints-handling process

2.                  What is meant by a “complaint”

3.                  Who can make a complaint

4.                  Dealing with complaints

5.                  The complaints process

6.                  Timeframes for dealing with complaints

7.                  The value of feedback

8.                  Unresolved complaints and the role of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority

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