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June 24, 2020

People Risk RegTech Solutions in a COVID-19 World

GRC Solutions Managing Director Julian Fenwick RegTech participated in a virtual global RegTech showcase called “People Risk RegTech Solutions in a COVID-19 World”. He was one of several industry experts who discussed how businesses can use existing technology to manage people risk.

Deborah Young (CEO, The RegTech Association) opened proceedings, with San Retna (Managing Director, Risk and Compliance Lead, Financial Services, Accenture Australia and New Zealand) providing an overview of people risk. Other speakers included Marie Holmes from Pax Republic, Charles Boulo from Whispli, Dilip Mohapatra from Cognitive View and Richard Kimber from Daisee.

Julian discussed how RegTech, or regulatory technology, is rapidly transforming the provision of online compliance training through a number of innovations. His case study focused on our Salt Adaptive e-learning platform, which can reduce staff pushback against mandatory workplace learning by regaining the time that has traditionally been lost to such training the learning experience more effective than ever.

Salt Adaptive makes the learning experience more effective than ever. It’s a one-stop shop for developing, delivering and reporting on online compliance training – and it places the learner’s actual needs firmly at the centre of things.

By using Salt Adaptive, subject matter experts can use it to quickly edit training content. Learners can enjoy a personalised training experience that focuses on key areas for improvement instead of repeating lesson content they have read many times before. Compliance managers and L&D professionals can use the platform to access rich data analytics that meet the needs of today’s organisations.

You can see Julian’s presentation slides here.

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