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February 17, 2021

Course Customization - the quick and inexpensive fix

Putting your own stamp on compliance training - quickly and within budget

Off-the-shelf compliance e-learning can be relatively inexpensive, and it's readily available, but it may not always be consistent with your business processes. Custom built courses will fit your business perfectly, but cost and time-to-deliver may rule them out.

The solution may be to customize our existing courseware.

GRC Solutions was awarded Platinum at Learn X-Live 2020, Australia’s premier instructional design and training industry awards, for a training solution that relied heavily on our ability to deliver customizable courseware.

The best compliance e-learning is written by expert training authors, checked by highly experienced compliance lawyers, and produced by qualified instructional designers. Unless you have those in-house, you need to turn to compliance training professionals like GRC Solutions.

  • We offer a large suite of compliance training and other e-learning products and services
  • We produce bespoke training solutions for clients around the world – major banks and insurance companies, government agencies, schools, religious organisations, and more
  • And we offer customization solutions based on our existing course library

Bespoke course customization

  • We can customize our existing courseware to your requirements
  • This can be as simple as linking the course to policy documents on your server
  • It can be as extensive as building new sections of the courses to cover special focus areas of your operations

Editing Licenses – do it yourself

  • Our Salt® Adaptive e-learning technology can empower you to continually edit and expand your own copy of our off-the-shelf courseware.


The OFX Experience

OFX is an online foreign exchange and payments business that provides money transfer services. As a dynamic online business, it needed to provide staff with practical workplace learning on several key compliance topics such as anti-money laundering, workplace behaviour, cyber security and fraud awareness.  

With over 400 staff operating in multiple jurisdictions, including Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada, OFX needed this suite of training to be consistent from office to office while also accounting for variations in terminology, practice and requirements in each jurisdiction.

They required training that could be easily customized, utilizing their own subject matter experts’ deep knowledge of the obligations facing their business operations. Customization needed to be performed quickly and easily.

The training needed to be continually updated, to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of compliance and the burgeoning set of regulatory obligations that financial services organisations now face in the wake of the Banking and Finance Royal Commission and heightened money laundering risk and fraud risk.

OFX turned to RC Solutions when other vendors proved unable to deliver the flexibility and cost-effectiveness they needed.

We offered OFX a core base of customizable training courses– Anti-Money Laundering, Diversity & Equality, Cyber Security and Fraud Awareness – through the Salt® Adaptive e-learning system. The training courses featured engaging designs and rigorously researched content developed by GRC Solutions’ own content development team.

Salt® Adaptive offers
  • A fully-featured e-learning authoring tool
  • Integration of courses with the Salt® Compliance LMS
  • A deep-dive reporting facility

OFX used the Salt® Adaptive technology as a one-stop shop to customize, deliver and report on training.

GRC Solutions provided author training so that OFX’s own subject matter experts could customize the off-the-shelf training content to suit the business’s own needs. The customizations catered to different job roles and jurisdictions, as well as to changing regulatory requirements and reforms. The updates appeared instantly and could be tracked through the version control publishing history in Salt® Adaptive. Any update can be withdrawn or amended at any time to revert to a prior version.  

Design and Development

GRC Solutions provided OFX with the off-the-shelf version of each course they required. Our in-house content development team provided OFX with a two-hour content authoring training session to train OFX on all aspects of:

  • Course creation
  • Amending an existing course using both ‘Light Edit Mode’ and ‘Full Edit Mode’
  • Embedding external content such as images, videos, PDFs
  • Assigning additional editors  
  • Modularizing a lengthy course – that is, employing best learning practices to separate long-form content into small, accessible modules based on specific sub-topics
  • Exporting a course to SCORM format
  • Updating a course post-publication

OFX was able to customize the content as soon as they received access to Salt Adaptive and author training. They could update content instantly or take time to write and edit material through their own review processes.



Legally Current

Because the courseware is based on our off-the-shelf content, when changes need to be made – for example, to reflect regulatory developments – these can be handled by GRC Solutions, with amendments flowing seamlessly to the client’s version – if desired – so that their compliance training is always legally current.


Cost and Time-Effective

Whether you rely on our team to customize a course for you, or use the features of Salt® Adaptive to empower your team to enhance our courseware using their own subject matter expertise, course customization can offer a quick way to deliver expertly-produced e-learning, focused on your business’s particular needs, at an attractive price.

Talk to us today.


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