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Salt® Adaptive

SCORM Authoring Tool & Compliance Reporting System

Creating beautiful and effective eLearning has never been easier.

Salt® Adaptive allows you to create, deploy, update, and report on your eLearning quickly and easily. With Salt® Adaptive’ s structured approach and templated question types, your eLearning project can be published in a matter of hours. Content collaboration tools and inline multilingual capability enable you to develop powerful training that communicates clearly with your audience. Designed by experts in compliance learning, Salt® Adaptive comes with inbuilt data analytics allowing you to analyze training effectiveness and benchmark results.

Create > Deploy > Update > Report

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What makes the Salt® Adaptive SCORM Authoring tool different?

Respond quickly to regulatory and policy change. Deploy updates and track versions. Collaborate with subject matter experts within the platform to ensure all changes are tracked and logged. Salt® Adaptive allows multiple authors to work on the same course. Subject matter experts can access ‘lite edit’ features ensuring response content updating. All changes are audit tracked in the system ensuring a full log of changes. The Salt® Adaptive authoring tool is natively responsive allowing you to create eLearning to be deployed across desktops, tablets, & smartphones

Enable our ReadSpeaker™ text-to-speech functionality to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and enhance mobile usability.

Allow learners to switch between languages at any time during the lesson ensuring comprehension. A single SCORM file ensures reporting is consistent across languages. 23 languages currently supported.

Salt® Adaptive training is 100% Responsive

Adaptive eLearning Platform

With adaptive e-Learning, instead of a broad-based approach, staff are presented with questions which determine their competence in a specific area. If the employee can prove competence, they can move to the next topic or learning objective. Providing them with a tailored learning experience. Adaptive eLearning saves learners and businesses time by only showing them content they don’t already know and improves cognitive engagement with training material. Adaptivity can be switched on or off or specific audiences and can be used as refresher training for those staff asked to re-complete their training.

Improved Speed to Competence

How many hours of mandatory training to your staff do annually? Do you measure the opportunity costs of their training time?

Our e-Learning technology has been designed to improve return on investment (ROI) by ensuring that staff learn what then need to know and not what they don’t.  Advanced module allocation ensures that learners only undertake content which is relevant to their job roles. Adaptivity, micro-learning, campaign based learning, and agile just-in-time approaches are simple to create and highly effective at embedding knowledge and impacting culture.

Create, deploy, maintain & report on campaign-based training or micro-learning that embeds cultural change.
Create, deploy, update & report on campaign-based training or micro-learning that embeds cultural change.

Deep Data Analytics & Reporting

80% of all eLearning is compliance related. Whether it is regulatory content or based on your internal company policies, reporting and analysis are essential to protect your organization, identify risk areas in your compliance program, and focus remedial efforts where they are most needed.

Salt® Adaptive provides deep data analytics allowing compliance teams to identify systemic issues and remediate before a breach occurs. The analytics tools offer key insights for compliance managers into staff learning across lesson and assessment performance.  

The data is kept private and anonymous to everyone except your chosen administrators. There is no identifiable user information on the system stored. Progress, scores and completion data are sent back to the Learning Management System.

detailed statistics on company performance such as average time taken and success on assessment
Get detailed statistics on company performance such as average time taken and success on assessment

Salt® Adaptive analytics available in 23 different languages
Salt® Adaptive analytics available in 23 different languages

Seamless LMS Integration

Using the SCORM protocol Salt® Adaptive communicates seamlessly with your existing Learning Management System (LMS).

Alternately you may wish to use the Salt® Compliance LMS. Learn more about Salt® Compliance LMS here

Quick and easy SCORM integration to your current LMS
Quick and easy SCORM integration to your current LMS

Salt® Adaptive Rapid Content Authoring


from scratch or from existing content


Deploy to any SCORM compatible Learning Management System (LMS)


Modify content quickly and seamlessly

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Reporting with Salt® deep data course analytics

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